Title Insurance and Real Estate Settlements

By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and our status as an independent agent for multiple national underwriters, we are able to routinely provide our clients with rapid and unparalleled underwriting flexibility. We offer title insurance for commercial and residential real estate transactions in Texas.   A title insurance policy is a written contract whereby the insurer is paid for agreeing to indemnify the insured up to a specified amount against loss caused by encumbrances upon or defects in the title to real property in which the insured has an interest. In addition to insuring against financial loss, a title insurance policy will also pay the cost of defending the insured against a covered claim. The policy premium is a one-time expense that is usually a part of a seller’s closing costs.

Core title insurance services include

Searching for relevant land titles and other related land records
Evaluating the title search to determine the insurability of the title
Issuing a commitment for title insurance
Clearing title defects noted as exceptions to the policy
Issuing the title insurance policy

Commercial Transactions

We offer our commercial clients the financial strength and experience of multiple national title insurance underwriters. Our title professionals diligently and consistently deliver land title searches and underwriting decisions for the most complex of real estate transactions.

Residential Transactions

Clients engaging in the purchase and sale of residential properties are often faced with sensitive deadlines and rely heavily upon advisors including Realtors and mortgage professionals. Our title professionals, working closely with our settlement staff, provide our clients and their advisors with clear, concise and timely property-record reports and title insurance policies.
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